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Understanding the Heimdall Access Platform

Heimdall Data provides SQL visibility and control unlike any product in the market today. No code changes for SQL auto-caching, automated database failover and SQL analytics.

Heimdall Database Access Gateway

  • Centralizes authentication and authorization for ALL your databases
  • Fulfills SoD (Segregation of Duty)
  • Just-in-Time access controls
  • One-click report of users having access to sensitive data

Database Scaling with Redis and Heimdall Data

Implement SQL caching with Redis in minutes; no code changes

Advanced Connection Pooling with the Heimdall Proxy

Reduce database connections to the backend to protect hardware resources

Improve Amazon Redshift Performance 100x with Heimdall Data

Heimdall Data provides a toolkit of features that improve Amazon Redshift performance which includes intelligent SQL results caching and query routing to the most optimal data source.

Transparent Database Failover and Load Balancing

Heimdall Data supports SQL-aware routing including 1) Persisted connection, database failover and 2) Load balancing. Deployment requires no application code level changes. Avoid the complex configuration with our database proxy.

Application Performance Scaling with Heimdall Data and Hazelcast

Heimdall Data improves performance and availability through intelligent SQL caching and automated database failover with ZERO application code changes required.

Accelerate Applications without Changing Code Using Hazelcast and Heimdall

Watch our webinar as we demonstrate how Heimdall can be used to “Hazelcast-enable” any application without code changes.

Improving Application Performance with JDBC

Presentation at Silicon Valley Java User Group

Benefits of Heimdall Data in the Cloud

Heimdall Data removes network latency for cloud deployments and provides disaster recovery transparent to the application. No code changes required.

Heimdall Data for Startups

Heimdall Data further enhances performance and availability through intelligent SQL caching and HA database failover with ZERO application code level changes required.

Application Performance Optimization with Heimdall Data

Technical whitepaper explaining how does Heimdall Data optimize SQL performance