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Database Proxy for Amazon RDS, Azure, and Google Cloud SQL 

Secure Data Access and Improve Scale

“I recommend Heimdall Data to anyone troubleshooting SQL performance issues. The icing on the cake is that Heimdall Data can optimize the database traffic as well.–This is a serious issue to consider when dealing with closed source or complex schema.”

Kenneth Hunt

Network Engineer, Bayer Corporation

“The Heimdall Proxy helped with a flawless event. We experienced large traffic spikes in Amazon RDS causing our website to become unavailable. With Heimdall Proxy, our database CPU did not peak above 4% during the entire event. As a result, we decreased our RDS instance size which lowered our overall AWS cost”.

Bruce BundealiService Delivery Manager

“We implemented Heimdall primarily as a caching layer in front of both a standard PostgreSQL datastore…It was very easy to get set up and get started. It was reasonably well integrated with AWS.”

Craig Connell Sr. VP of Engineering 


“We first tested PgBouncer and very quickly realized that it would require extensive work to update, maintain and scale. When we began testing with Heimdall Data we were able to see huge improvements, about 5-7x what original performance tests had shown. We learned all about the rules engine, explain plans, and analytics which allowed us to identify several places for optimization. The level of monitoring and analytics that Heimdall Data provides allowed us to identify issues that only a seasoned DBA would be able to gather previously.”

Brian DavisDirector of IT Operations

“The Heimdall Proxy reduced the overhead on our Amazon RDS instances. Their technical support was responsive and very helpful. Big thumbs up.”

Cristanto Estipular, CTO

“At Telefónica, our video platform uses Microsoft SQL Server deployed in a hybrid cloud. The Heimdall Database Proxy supported our active-active scenario by: 1) Splitting Read/Write queries and 2) Caching SQL query result sets. We were able to scale horizontally for massive events (e.g. football matches).”

 Alberto Los Santos Aransay

Architect Manager

“The Heimdall proxy reduced the number of back-end connections to Amazon RDS. It saved resources and improved database scale. by reducing connections at a 1000:1 ratio. They also have great technical support.”

Mohammed Abderlasoul

E-commerce Technology Manager, Sony.com

“The Heimdall Proxy optimized our Magento e-commerce platform by:

1) Scaling down Amazon RDS instance by 66%

2) Reducing database connections by 66%

3) Achieving an 80% cache rate for Amazon ElastiCache. We improved response times and reduced Amazon RDS costs.”

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“The Heimdall team was great to work with! The caching, pooling, console interface, everything about this software puts it into a league of its own. Definitely plenty of value!”

Monte Ohrt, Sr. Cloud Engineer

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