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SQL Challenges

● Keeping with CPU instance limits

● Duplicate queries



● Offloading SQL traffic to save costs

● Caching requires application changes


The Intelligent Database Proxy

SQL Caching

Auto-Caching Logic

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Automated DB Failover

Database Security

“I recommend Heimdall Data to anyone troubleshooting SQL performance issues. The icing on the cake is that Heimdall Data can optimize the database traffic as well.–This is a serious issue to consider when dealing with closed source or complex schema.”

Kenneth Hunt

Network Engineer, Bayer Corporation

“We implemented Heimdall primarily as a caching layer in front of both a standard PostgreSQL datastore…It was very easy to get set up and get started. It was reasonably well integrated with AWS.”

Craig Connell

Sr. VP of Engineering, Staq


“Heimdall Data’s SQL caching software was easy to install and provided an immediate increase in performance. But their analytic tools gave us insight what was really happening with our queries allowing us to optimize our code. Once optimized, not only was the raw SQL faster but the number of cache hits increased giving us even more performance. If you are serious about performance, you need to start with Heimdall.”

Paul Nerger

Sr. Vice President,


“We first tested Pgpool and very quickly realized that it would require extensive work to update, maintain and scale. When we began testing with Heimdall Data we were able to see huge improvements, about 5-7x what original performance tests had shown. We learned all about the rules engine, explain plans, and analytics which allowed us to identify several places for optimization. The level of monitoring and analytics that Heimdall Data provides allowed us to identify issues that only a seasoned DBA would be able to gather previously. “

Brian Davis

Director of IT Operations, Questis

“Heimdall Data’s reporting system provided insights in how we could optimize our SQL. This alone made the product very useful. Heimdall Data leveraged ElastiCache for Redis. The best part was we didn’t have to do any code changes to our application.”

Randy Ehli



“Amazon RDS was the most expensive line item in our infrastructure. We reduced our database costs by over 50% with Heimdall Data’s analytics and caching.”

Ka Chan

CTO, Movietimes

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