Release Notes

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Release Build (Feb 13, 2021)

  1. Minor usability improvements in the wizard
  2. Detect Azure marketplace deployments for licensing
  3. Improved TLS handling and error logging
  4. Support binary uploads with prepared queries for PDO MySQL (PHP)
  5. Improved handling of temporary tables
  6. Improve manual update process in low memory situations
  7. Resolve issue with the proxy where it wouldn’t update the code on a restart (requires updating the script)
  8. Add example configuration for PHP’s MySQL PDO to extract the certificate from the keystore
  9. Properly handle table names/aliases with question marks when expanding prepared queries for read/write split or transformation.


Release Build (Jan 24, 2021)

  1. Resolve issue with Data Direct MySQL drivers that prevented queries from completing execution;
  2. Improved logic for Postgres failovers in the Azure cloud environment in the parsing of the replication connect string and to support the hostaddr option;
  3. Corrected some cases where the defaultCatalog option was not being used properly to establish connections;
  4. Resolved an infinite loop that could occur if using TLS and the client connection was disconnected unexpectedly;
  5. Updated the default included driver database and driver names;
  6. Remove the creation of new configuration files if the update server API was used;
  7. Updated Hazelcast to 4.1.1 and include yaml configuration file support;
  8. Resolve issue with internal commands like show pool with MS-SQL Server proxy configurations;
  9. Added an option to allow recursive transform calls, to allow the transformation to be applied more than once on a single query;
  10. Resolve a memory leak when connections were dropped by the client under very high new connection/second loads;
  11. Improved logging (as normal).

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