For hourly pricing, use AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Marketplace.

For annual subscriptions, see below:

Size Your Proxy

Add up your database CPU cores, and take 25% for the proxy cores.

Example: At 64 database cores, begin with 16 proxy cores.

Then, choose any proxy license quantity as the total proxy core capacity is the same: 

  • 1 license x 16 core
  • 2 licenses x 8-core
  • 4 licenses x 4-core
  • 8 licenses x 2-core
  • 16 licenses x 1-core

On-Premise Licensing

Per 8-CPU proxy core capacity

Standard Edition

US$900 per month

Enterprise Edition

US$2,100 per month

Technical Support

Standard Edition: Best-effort

Enterprise Edition: World-class support with SLAs 

Support Terms & Conditions


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