Use Cases

Strengthen Security

Data breaches are happening too often. Personal information is exposed creating havoc for quick resolution. “Defense in depth” is the coordinated use of multiple security countermeasures to protect assets in an organization.  Network firewall and Web application firewalls provide necessary countermeasures, but it is not enough.

Heimdall Data Advantage

Heimdall provides an added layer of defense, protecting the database from malicious ZERO day attacks. Unlike other solutions, Heimdall’s database firewall does not rely on pattern or signature matching. It is contextual; alerting and filtering SQL queries that are deemed “abnormal”.



Increase Scale

Due to increase user counts, organizations have applications (e.g. HR, Manufacturing, CRM) that need to scale out at the data tier. To increase scale, it is too costly to rewrite the application: The original developers have left the company and there are time constraints.

Heimdall Data Advantage

Heimdall’s read/write splitting allows customers to make better use of read replicas with ZERO application changes. Heimdall Data is a 5-minute drop-in replacement. Moreover, we guarantee query reads will always have fresh data with our lag detection logic.

Heimdall Data’s transparent deployment complemented Amazon Aurora with a boost of performance and data tier scale. We are very pleased with the performance gains and visibility delivered by Heimdall Data

Rahdy Ehli
CEO, CyberAuctions

Online Auctions Case Study

We deployed Heimdall Data to our production environment and have been seeing between 60-70% cache hit rate overall. Immediately we noticed an improvement in response times and the benefit of our application and database load being reduced greatly. The ability to add Amazon Aurora instances without application modifications was fantastic 

Brian Davis
Director of IT Operations, Questis

Financial Services Case Study

Improve Scale with Query Caching

Improve Scale with Read/Write Splitting

Maximize Uptime

Gartner Research stated that one hour of application downtime can equate to over $600,00 in lost revenue. Most database failover solutions are insufficient: 1) Costly, requiring development work, 2) Results in connection timeouts upon a failure.  Amazon RDS and TCP based load balancers do not solve the problem.

Heimdall Data Advantage

Heimdall is application-aware ensuring connection uptime upon a database failover. Why spend resources developing and re-architecting a solution, when you can use Heimdall and install it a matter of minutes.

Our application was void of a database failover solution. It was only time before there was an online outage that would significantly impact our revenue. I was impressed with Heimdall’s simple DB failover solution. It was simple to install while not burdening my engineers with added integration work.

E-Commerce Collaboration Company

Find Performance Bottlenecks

Obtaining SQL performance visibility from an application context is a challenge.  Tuning at the just database side is incomplete.  You need to know the complete interaction between the application and database.

Heimdall Data Advantage

Heimdall’s analytics provides complete SQL performance visibility (e.g. slow, redundant queries) and offers recommendations to remediate them. It diagnoses and cures. For deployment there are no application modifications or integration work required for installation.

“Easy to setup and integrate, and superb implementation support.

Clyde Casiechitty
Lead Developer, Selling To Zebras

Heimdall Data’s SQL analytics helped us identify database inefficiencies and resolve them. The all-in-one solution saves us months of development time and operational costs.

Anthony Galano
Lead Developer,

We used Heimdall Data for many projects. In each case, the product was able to root cause the slow database performance. The operational simplicity was unlike any product I have seen in the market.

Kenneth Hunt
Network Engineer, Bayer Corporation