Enterprise Edition

US$300 month/node
  • Auto-caching, Automated cache invalidation
  • Transparent grid-cache support (e.g. Redis, Elasticache, Hazelcast, Oracle Coherence etc.)
  • SQL Analytics
  • Connection Pooling
  • Query Transformation

All pricing is based on the number of hosts:

  • There is no charge per CPU core.
  • The above pricing is paid via an annual subscription.
Deployment options:
  • Centralized: Single host
  • Distributed: Per host on each application server for best performance and scale

What is counted as a Heimdall Data host?

  • The number of hosts or VMs running a Heimdall Data instance.
  • It is possible to run multiple Heimdall Data instances on one host.
  • All production and standby hosts are counted.

For volume discounts, please contact