Query Caching

  • Redis as a Look-aside cache
  • Caches SQL results into Redis
  • Automatic cache invalidation
  • No code changes

Query Management

  • Connection pooling
  • Read / Write splitting
  • Persistent Connection Failover

SQL Analtyics

  • Identifies SQL slowness: Application? Database? Network?
  • Audits all data access

Customer Benefit

 Save costly development of a cache system

Transparently increase database scale

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Redis Labs provides four Redis options:

1)  Redis Enterprise software

2)  Managed Redis Enterprise in your VPC on AWS, Azure, and Google

3)  Redis Enterprise Public Cloud, a fully-managed database-as-a-service on AWS, Azure, and Google

4)  Redis open source software

Heimdall Data utilizes any of these Redis options as a look-aside SQL cache. Heimdall intelligently auto-caches and auto-invalidates SQL results into Redis without code changes.