Automatic Query Cache

What: Heimdall caching solution is a transparent look-aside cache. It automatically caches SQL results offloading your database.

How: You choose the cache, and Heimdall automates an L1 and L2 cache logic determining what should be cached and invalidated.

Why: Saves application teams years of development and maintenance. There is no complex programming or configuration required. Heimdall Data provides up to 5x in increased performance. 

  • Two tier caching: 1) In-memory in the application instance (for hot objects), and the 2) Grid-cache of your choice:
    • Redis
    • Amazon Elasticache
    • Hazelcast
    • Oracle Coherence
    • Pivotal GemFire / Geode
    • GridGain / Apache Ignite
  • Automating caching and invalidations, as single cache cluster across distributed cache nodes
  • Cache memory and queries cache rules are configurable at run time

What about caching stored procedures?

We can cache those too! Heimdall detects when unknown stored procedures were accessed. The proxy will pull the text of the stored procedure, parse out if it uses return values or not, and cache this information.

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