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Automatic Query Cache


What: Heimdall caching solution is a simple look-aside cache. It transparently caches SQL results on behalf of your database.

How: You choose the cache, and Heimdall automates an L1 and L2 cache logic determining what should be cached and invalidated.

Why: Saves application teams years of development and maintenance. There is no complex programming or configuration required. Heimdall Data provides up to 5x in increased performance. 

  • Two tier caching: 1) In-memory in the application instance (for hot objects), and the 2) Grid-cache of your choice:
    • Redis
    • Amazon Elasticache
    • Hazelcast
    • Oracle Coherence
    • Pivotal GemFire
    • GridGain / Apache Ignite
  • Automating caching and invalidations, as single cache cluster across distributed cache nodes
  • Cache memory and queries caches are configurable

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