One Click Optimization


For web scaling, the interaction between the application and database is the cause of many performance issues. Heimdall caches uniquely with:

  • Two tier caching: 1) In-memory in the application instance (for hot objects), and the 2) Grid-cache of your choice:
    • Redis
    • Amazon Elasticache
    • Hazelcast
    • Oracle Coherence
    • Pivotal GemFire
    • GridGain / Apache Ignite
  • Automating caching and invalidations, as single cache cluster across distributed cache nodes.

Heimdall provides an automated L1 and L2 cache logic that determines what should be cached and invalidated, saving application teams years of maintenance and development. There is no complex programming or configuration. Heimdall Data provides up to 5x in increased performance. Download a free 30-day trial and check it out!