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What others have said about the Heimdall Proxy:

“I had the opportunity to implement the Heimdall Proxy as a proxy solution for our Odoo ERP system, and the results have been nothing short of impressive.

One of the major challenges we faced was the performance of our Backend Postgresql server, which was consistently operating at 99% CPU utilization. This bottleneck was hindering our ability to scale and deliver optimal user experiences. However, after integrating the Heimdall Proxy, we witnessed a dramatic transformation.

The Heimdall Proxy’s specialized design for Odoo proved to be a game-changer. It effectively proxies and caches our transactions, significantly reducing the load on our database server. The impact on performance has been remarkable, with our backend Postgresql server now running with only 1 to 5% CPU utilization. This level of optimization has not only improved the overall responsiveness of our ERP system but has also allowed us to scale effortlessly.

Moreover, the proxy’s caching capabilities have provided an additional layer of security. By intelligently caching frequently accessed data, Heimdall minimized the need for repeated database queries, reducing the exposure to potential security vulnerabilities and significantly enhancing our overall system security.

The deployment process was straightforward, and the Heimdall Data team provided exceptional support throughout the implementation phase. Their expertise and responsiveness ensured a smooth integration with our existing infrastructure, allowing us to start reaping the benefits in no time.
I wholeheartedly recommend Heimdall Data to any organization running Odoo. Its unique ability to proxy and cache transactions, combined with its seamless integration and outstanding support, has been instrumental in optimizing our ERP system’s performance, scalability, and security. Heimdall Data has undoubtedly become an invaluable asset to our organization.”

Elias A.

Enterprise Solution Architect

How is the Heimdall Proxy Unique?

  • Read/Write split with replication lag detection
  • Caching and query splitting in transactions
  • Pg-Pool-II and Pg-Bouncer cannot guarantee data consistency

Connection Pooling

Multiple client connections are associated to a database connection. We create a backend connection for only active, non-idle queries. The net result is lower total memory, and reduced Postgres costs.

Connection Pooling Video (Start Time: 14:56 seconds)

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