HELP - Administration

The administration tab is divided into three sections, the notification configuration, the license upload, and log file management.

Notification Configuration

E-Mail notifications should be configured to provided automated notice on any of the following events;

  1.  A rule with the notify=true option is matched.  In the case of learning, an “allow” will bypass processing of the “learn” rules, to avoid duplication of notices.
  2. On a server state change
  3. When an upgrade is detected as being available.

Notifications as a result of a rule match with the notify=true option will be throttled to no more than once a minute, and over time, no more than one per ten minutes.  If a large number of notices come in, up to six mails may be sent in six minutes, but then they will be throttled.

By default, settings for the e-mail configuration are set to use the Google SMTP relay, using the encrypted port of 587.  If these settings are used, a gmail username and password should be configured, along with the desired e-mail recipient.  It is recommended that if this is done, that an “application password” be used, which can be created by following the instructions at

License Configuration

In this section, a new license file can be uploaded when provided by Heimdall, and the current settings and license use can be observed.  In Demo mode, up to 4 LB servers can be used, and up to four VDBs with rules (optimizations) can be enabled for 30 days.  The used count is only based on VDBs that have received traffic in the last 30 seconds, so will dynamically account for activity.  If the used values surpass the allowed values, then a warning will be displayed on the console, but no restriction in features will be enforced.  License handling is strictly advisory.

Log File Management

This section is provided to assist in managing log files, and the options should be self explanatory.