Heimdall for Cloud


With the current trend of migrating applications and databases into the cloud, there will be a growing concern of reliability and performance bottlenecks. This is primarily caused by application-to-database interactions being geographically dispersed.

Heimdall Data is a must for cloud application deployments. The Heimdall Data Resiliency Platform is installed as software in the application server, offloading the database, and provides high availability, increased performance, and performance visibility to insure application resiliency. Unlike competitive solutions, Heimdall Data is application intelligent: Optimization and database failover are within the context of increasing application performance and uptime.

Heimdall Data’s deployment architecture provides several benefits:

• Reduced latency
• Reduced management complexity: By managing failover centrally, failures can be easily diagnosed and resolved without any availability inconsistency.
• Improved visibility: Heimdall Data provides an application-centric view of the responsiveness of the databases, allowing for SLA tracking and performance alerts to be generated.

Cloud infrastructures enhance companies to scale their applications, but only if the proper strategy is put in place. Heimdall Data was architected to address the needs of the cloud.