Improve SQL scale and reduce costs up to 50%

Deployment requires no code changes; support for any SQL database

How is the Heimdall Proxy Unique?

  • Read/Write splitting with ACID Compliance
  • Automated Query Caching and Splitting for queries in transactions.
  • Active Directory/LDAP integration
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Read/Write Split with Strong Consistency

Queries are routed to the writer/reader instances without code changes. We load balance across readers for better utilization. Users receive the most up-to-date data with our replication lag detection.

Query Caching

Automated Query Caching: Reduces latency, result sets are cached to the storage of your choice (e.g. Redis) Automated invalidation is supported to guarantee fresh data. Deployment requires zero code changes.

Connection Pooling

Connection Pooling: Multiple client connections are associated to a database connection. Limit backend connections per user and per database. 

Connection Multiplexing: Backend connections are established for only active, non-idle queries. The net result is lower total memory, and reduced database costs.

Connection Pooling and LDAP/Active Directory Video

Automated Persistent Connection Failover

Upon a failure, we queue up the front-end connection and transparently route to the standby instance. This greatly reduces application errors and exceptions. Hence, failover is transparent to the user; not so with a TCP/IP load balancer.

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