Our Technology Partners

Test and integrate with our partners for increased visibility and control of your data.

Heimdall Data transparently 1) Intelligently auto-caches SQL results and 2) Supports faster failover for Azure and SQL Server AlwaysOn database deployments.
Heimdall Data transparently 1) Auto-caches into Amazon Elasticache, 2) Intelligently routes queries to Amazon Aurora, RDS, and Redshift.

Heimdall Data transparently 1) Auto-caches into Redis, and 2) Make better use of read replicas for Cloud SQL.

Hazelcast is an open source in-memory data grid that is developer friendly to modernize existing and new applications. Heimdall Data intelligently auto-caches SQL results into Hazelcast without code changes.

VMware Tanzu Greenplum is an open-source Data Warehouse platform. Heimdall improves performance up to 100x by intelligently managing connections. We also support VMware Tanzu Postgres and MySQL databases.

VMware Tanzu GemFire is an In-Memory Data Grid powered by Apache Geode. Heimdall auto-caches SQL results into GemFire without code changes.

Redis Labs provides a fully-managed cloud service for your Redis environment. Heimdall Data utilizes Redis as a look-aside SQL cache. Heimdall intelligently auto-caches and auto- invalidates SQL results into Redis without code changes.

Since 1997, Command Prompt has provided Postgres professional services, custom development, and community leadership.