Strategic Partners

The Heimdall Proxy transparently 1) Routes queries for fast response times, and 2) Supports faster failover for Azure and SQL Server AlwaysOn database deployments.

The Heimdall Proxy transparently 1) Auto-caches into Amazon Elasticache, 2) Intelligently routes queries to Amazon RDS, and Redshift.

The Heimdall Proxy improves Cloud SQL by intelligently managing backend connections.

Hazelcast is an open source in-memory data grid that is developer friendly to modernize existing and new applications. The Heimdall Proxy intelligently auto-caches SQL results into Hazelcast without code changes.


VMware Tanzu Greenplum is an open-source Data Warehouse platform. Heimdall improves performance up to 100x by intelligently managing connections. We also support VMware Tanzu Postgres and MySQL databases.

VMware Tanzu GemFire is an In-Memory Data Grid powered by Apache Geode. Heimdall auto-caches SQL results into GemFire without code changes.

Redis Labs provides a fully-managed cloud service for Redis. The Heimdall  Proxy utilizes Redis as a look-aside, SQL results cache. Heimdall provides the caching and invalidation logic without code changes.

Since 1997, Command Prompt has provided Postgres professional services, custom development, and community leadership.

ComponentSource is an authorized worldwide reseller for Heimdall Data. Go here for product and support information.