About Us

Heimdall Data optimizes cloud and mobile applications in the First mile. Users accessing data will make decisions more quickly, reliably, and securely. Unlike competitive solutions Heimdall is not a hardware proxy; Heimdall optimizes within the application itself.
Users experience up to 5x improvement in scale and performance. For e-commerce, this can substantially increase a company’s top line revenue.

Our Mission

Heimdall Data is a world class application resiliency platform. We enhance critical applications to be higher performing, more scalable and more secure. Our goal is to offer a single platform that diagnoses and cures the cloud & mobile backend infrastructure.

Our Name

“Heimdall” (a.k.a. Heimdallr) is from Norse mythology and is the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, leading from Asgard to the earth.  The Arch in our logo represents both this bridge, as well as bridging between “All Data”.  We strive to include the ideas of Heimdall in our software, including his unsurpassed vision, alerting and his role as a defender.  We include this by giving visibility to spot issues in database use, alerting when there are problems, and to defend against problems, or to help resolve problems.


Work together with excellent, bright people to grow team. We are looking for passionate and talented people!