Heimdall for Cloud

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With the trend of migrating applications into the cloud, there will be a growing concern of reliability and performance bottlenecks. This is primarily caused by application-to-database latency being geographically dispersed:

Whether hybrid cloud or full cloud migration, the Heimdall Proxy helps “lift and shift” a database environment to the cloud. We offer the following benefits:

  • Improved response times by reducing latency: SQL results caching is performed on the application tier. Queries that would normally have to hit the database are now served from cache.
  • Database failover: Persistent automated failover allows the routing of traffic to a local or regional backend instance. This insures business continuity, and regulatory compliance (if data is required to be kept within region).
  • Reduced management complexity: Failures are easily diagnosed and resolved without any availability inconsistency.
  • Improved visibility: SQL performance analytics provides an application-centric view of the responsiveness of the databases, allowing for SLA tracking and performance alerts to be generated.

Cloud infrastructures enhance companies to scale their applications, but only if the proper strategy is put in place. Heimdall Data was architected to address the needs of the cloud.