AWS Configuration Wizard

For AWS users, an AWS configuration wizard has been created, which will extract configuration information from your AWS RDS and Elasticache installation, and will configure Heimdall as appropriate.  For details on the complete non-wizard driven configuration approach, please view the normal Quick Start guide.

Before beginning to use the AWS wizard, three steps must be completed:

  1.  Create an AIM programmatic user, and save the access and secret access key, with the permissions to read EC2, RDS and Elasticache configurations, as per the following configuration (these keys will be necessary to use the wizard):
  2. Create an RDS instance or cluster in the desired region (skip if one is already present or in use by the application).  Please note the login created to monitor the database, or to access the database in proxy mode.
  3. Create an Elasticache Redis instance or cluster in the same region.  While Heimdall can technically use memcached for cache offload, it is missing features such as publish/subscribe that improves the scaleability of Heimdall, so memcached is not recommended.

Now that AWS is ready, login to the GUI (, and navigate to the AWS tab.  Here, you will be prompted for the information necessary to populate the Heimdall configuration to cache-enable your application.  Additional help on this will be found via the Help button on the AWS tab.