The Heimdall Data is a software platform for application developers, database administrators, and infrastructure owners. Whether on-premise or cloud, Heimdall helps IT organizations deliver faster, more reliable, and secure content generation.

Heimdall Architecture

The Heimdall architecture is designed to scale as your application grows, with minimum latency. Current solutions require a separate networking appliance and introduce another network hop resulting in a performance hit. Heimdall Data is distributed across application servers. This provides customers performance visibility of the complete SQL transaction. And with Heimdall caching, queries that would have gone to the database are now cached locally or to a grid-cache. Customers can now implement caching without writing a line of application code.
To guarantee consistent configuration, Heimdall configuration changes are seamless across any number of servers all at once. With a few clicks (or REST API calls), all application servers are dynamically updated with policies (e.g. caching, load balancing, database fail-over). Configuration changes are applied in real-time with no application restart or changes to your current infrastructure.