One Click Optimization

Enterprise applications remain complex to manage resulting in inefficiencies that adversely affect business productivity. In too many cases, the interaction between the application and database is the cause of performance issues. Unfortunately, application developers do not have data access layer visibility, and DBA’s can only tune performance to a certain level. Therefore, technical teams are left with a trial-and-error approach in caching, or leave the problem as-is; both of which are not real, efficient solutions.

While middleware products manage data integration (e.g. web services, database), Heimdall Data is complementary and is focused at increasing the application scale and performance in a simple, yet operationally elegant way.

Heimdall’s One-Click optimization provides users accurate recommendations on what should be optimized to increase performance and scale, leaving the guesswork out. Application owners are presented a simple-to-use dashboard of performance bottlenecks and guidance on resolution. Users then configure policies in “one-click”. There is no complex programming or configuration. Heimdall Data provides up to 20x in increased performance.

To find out how easy and beneficial the Heimdall Solution One-Click optimization is, download a free 30-day trial at our Download page (see above).