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Heimdall Data for Microsoft

SQL Caching

Automated Database Failover

  • Works with SQL Server AlwaysOn
  • Provides faster failover
  • Stay online during maintenance upgrades

SQL Traffic Management

  • Batches DML operations
  • Auto-routes to  write /read replicas
  • Ensure fresh reads by lag detection logic
Heimdall Data now on Microsoft Azure

Palo Alto, CA — August 15, 2018 — Heimdall Data announced today the launch of its database proxy platform on Microsoft Azure.

Azure customers can now benefit from Heimdall’s transparent SQL scale-out and fast failover solution. Heimdall’s database proxy is database vendor neutral and is a simple add-on to existing Azure environments without application-database changes. Heimdall is deployed between application and database. More specifically, a Heimdall agent (e.g. sidecar process) is deployed on each application instance. This distributed architecture is ideal for web scaling, as Heimdall agents scale linearly with the application.

Heimdall Data offers the following features:

  • Automated failover for business continuity. Heimdall monitors the health of each backend database and sends traffic to the database with the best performance. Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, Heimdall provides faster failover for unplanned and planned downtime (i.e. maintenance upgrades).
  • Query optimization: Heimdall routes the read and write queries to the appropriate data source, without the need to modify the application. This is helpful for:
  • Horizontal scale-out: Deploying write master and read replicas
  • Data warehouse optimization: Heimdall routes traffic to the best data source for optimal performance while also performing batch processing and managing materialized views.
  • Auto-caching and auto-invalidation SQL with “one click.” No complex coding is required. Each Heimdall agent (i.e. database proxy) caches and communicates invalidations to all respective caches to guarantee coherency. Because SQL caching is performed at the application tier, network latency and round-trip times to the database are removed.

To learn more about how Heimdall Data enhances Azure, visit our Heimdall Data for Microsoft website or our page in the Azure Marketplace.

“Microsoft Azure offers the global scale and productivity enterprises require to run their business,” said Roland Lee, CEO at Heimdall Data. “Heimdall Data allows Azure customers to take advantage of Azure database resources without the development work, reducing operational and infrastructure costs up to 50 percent. We provide the SQL optimization toolkit, and the customer clicks on the desired feature(s).”

About Heimdall Data

Heimdall Data is a database proxy that provides users visibility and control of their SQL traffic. These optimizations are performed at the application tier, avoiding the common cloud latency problem many operators neglect. This allows users to diagnose and cure SQL bottlenecks from an application perspective, not just from the database side.

From conception, implementation of Heimdall Data requires no application or database changes. Heimdall is a simple software add-on on your current Azure infrastructure, simplifying the management of database workloads in the cloud and speeding up application development. Learn more about Heimdall Data at www.heimdalldata.com.

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