Test Applications

Use these applications to generate queries.

This demo environment is configured to show, the following features:

  • Database caching for performance optimization
  • Read-write split, to allow multiple databases to share load

For more information go to our Quick Start Guide.

  • Choose a sample application (left) and click on a series of transactions
  • View the results on the Heimdall Dashboard tab
  • Analyze the logs in the log viewer or analysis tab
  • Deleting the logs allows sample traffic to be analyzed, but not changed.


  • Logging is set to a limit of 50 query logs/second and 1000 log entries.
  • The Magento application is configured in debug mode to show the detailed messages.
  • No configuration changes are allowed.  If a configuration change is attempted, a forbidden error will be presented and will be reflected in the GUI (look for the yellow tabs).