A live demo environment is now online to let you explore the interface for Heimdall and the options that are available. 

Heimdall Data Demo

Heimdall Management server

Test Applications

Use these test applications to generate queries.

This demo environment is configured to show, with third party applications, the ideas of:

  1. Database caching for optimization and scalability;
  2. Read-write split, to allow multiple databases to effectively share load;
  3. Analytics and logging;
  4. Configuration.

For more information including the basic concepts of Heimdall, these are available at http://www.heimdalldata.com/quick-start/.

Within the demo, one can browse the sample applications, and then view the results live in the dashboard, or analyze the logs in the log viewer or analysis tab.  The guest account has permission to delete logs, which is convenient to allow a small sample of traffic to be analyzed but is otherwise only allowed to view the configurations, not change them.

The logging is set to limit the number of logs generated to 50 query logs/second, so as to help ensure that the log tab will not be overrun by query logs, as this tab will currently only allow the last 1000 log entries to be viewed.  Additionally, the proxy for the Magento application is configured in debug mode, so that the console output when debugging can be viewed in the log viewer, to show the type and detail of messages generated in debug mode.

The demo account also allows the use of the configuration wizard, BUT no configuration changes will actually be allowed to the system.  Instead, if an attempt is made to submit any changes, a forbidden error will be presented BUT they will be reflected in the GUI (look for the yellow tabs).  This will allow one to safely try different options and understand how they are reflected in the full GUI configuration.