Test Applications

Use these applications to generate queries.

This demo environment is configured to show:

  • Database caching for performance optimization
  • Read-write split: Routes queries to databases to share load


  • Open two side-by-side browser windows: 1) Sample application and 2) Heimdall Data Dashboard
  • Dashboard: On the “Analysis” tab, “Delete all logs” to begin analysis.
  • Select a sample application (left) and click on a series of application transactions
  • Dashboard: View the application results on the “Dashboard” tab.
  • Dashboard: Analyze the logs in the log viewer or “Analysis” tab.


  • The demo does not allow configuration changes, and a forbidden error will be displayed if an attempt to make a change is made.
  • Magento uses MySQL
  • Odoo uses Posgres
  • VevoCart uses SQL Server