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Post Installation

Once installed, connect to the Heimdall Console server on HTTP://<server ip>:8087/, and follow the Quick Start Guide.

Important: Ensure nothing is blocking port 8087 (e.g. AWS firewall).  Else, use “/opt/heimdall/ start”.



  • Install Heimdall Central Manager and Proxy on a single host:
sudo bash -c 'bash <(curl -s server'
  • Install Heimdall Proxy ONLY (to use with a remote Central Manager):
sudo bash -c 'bash <(curl -s proxy' 

If the above does not work (e.g. no root access), go to Other Operating Systems below.


docker build -t "heimdall:1.0.17" . 

docker run -d --name heimdall-instance -p 8087:8087 -p 3306:3306 -p 5432:5432 -p 1433:1433 heimdall:1.0.17

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Installs the Heimdall Central Manager as a Windows service, and sets to autostart.

Other Operating Systems (e.g. Unix, OSX, Solaris, BSD)

  • Requires Java 6+
  • Download vendor neutral package
  • Unzip into /opt (Creates a Heimdall directory automatically)
  • Start the script “/opt/heimdall/ start”

This will not install Heimdall as a daemon. Please refer to your OS documentation.


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