Heimdall Data Installation Instructions

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Post Installation

Connect to the Heimdall server on HTTP://<server ip>:8087/ once installed, and follow the Quick Start guide to get going.

Important: Ensure nothing is blocking port 8087, such as an AWS security policy or firewall.  If the Heimdall server does not start automatically, you can use the command “/opt/heimdall/heimdallserver.sh start” to manually start the Heimdall Central Manager, although this should not be necessary in most installations.


Installation Options



  • To install the Heimdall Central Manager and Proxy, use the following command:
sudo bash -c 'bash <(curl -s http://s3.heimdalldata.com/hdinstall.sh) server'
  • To install the Heimdall Proxy only (to use a remote manager), use the following command:
sudo bash -c 'bash <(curl -s http://s3.heimdalldata.com/hdinstall.sh) proxy' 


docker build -t "heimdall:1.0.15" . 

docker run -d --name heimdall-instance -p 8087:8087 -p 3306:3306 -p 5432:5432 -p 1433:1433 heimdall:1.0.15

AWS Marketplace

Note:  When using the Marketplace option, please update the software in the admin section before using, as the marketplace image is not updated with every build.



This installer will install the Heimdall Central Manager as a Windows service, and set to autostart.


Other Operating Systems (OS X, Solaris, BSD, etc.)

For most other operating systems (Unix-like, macOS, BSD), the general instructions are the same:

  • Make sure Java 6+ is installed;
  • Download the vendor neutral package;
  • Unzip into /opt (it will create the heimdall directory automatically);
  • Start the script “/opt/heimdall/serverstart.sh start”.
  • Note:  This will not install Heimdall as a daemon–the instructions on how to set it to automatically restart on a reboot would vary with each operating system, please see your OS’s documentation for details.

Please contact Heimdall support if you need any additional support getting the Heimdall Central Manager online.


License Details:  SQL analytics are free to all users. There is a 30-day trial for advanced features (e.g. auto-caching, read/write split).
End User License Agreement