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SQL Caching and Automated DB Failover

MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, AWS RDS, & Oracle


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SQL Auto-caching with “One-click”

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 SQL Optimization Platform

SQL Caching

  • For read-heavy applications (e.g. high volume, duplicate queries).
  • Provides “One-click” cache recommendations. No more miss configurations.
  • Caches into your storage of choice (e.g. in-memory, Elasticache, Redis, Memcache, Hazelcast).
  • Cache invalidation and coherency, all with ZERO code changes. Pretty cool?
  • Supports custom or packaged apps (e.g. WordPress, Jira, Confluence, ColdFusion, Tomcat, J2EE, Oracle)

Application aware DB Failover

  • Disaster recovery within data centers or between geographical regions
  • Heimdall Data is application-aware providing always-on database connectivity. DB failover solutions today (e.g. F5 Networks, AWS ELB) result in connection timeouts. 
  • Horizontally scale out the database without rewriting the application.
  • SQL sharding to different geographies or data sources.

Still confused? Heimdall Data is your “DBA Assistant” offering:

  • Distributed SQL caching across application servers avoiding networking latency to the database
  • Policy-driven horizontal database scale-out
  • No disruption to your existing application or database (i.e. no rip-n-replace)
  • Database vendor-neutrality (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server)

Heimdall Data’s granular SQL analytics helped us identify database inefficiencies and resolve them in a timely manner. The solution was quick to insert into our production environment.

Anthony Galano

Lead Developer, Timesheets.com

“AWS RDS is the most expensive line item in our infrastructure. We reduced our database costs by over 50% with Heimdall Data’s analytics and caching.”

Ka Chan

CTO, Movietimes.com

Heimdall Data’s SQL analytics helped us identify database inefficiencies and resolve them. The all-in-one solution saves us months of development time and operational costs.

Aaron Hayes

Technical Operation Manager, Double Fine Productions

We used Heimdall Data for many projects. In each case, the product was able to root cause the slow database performance. The operational simplicity was unlike any product I have seen in the market.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Speed up your applications by 5x and cut your Oracle bill by half! Let the Heimdall analytics show you what to optimize with ONE-CLICK.